Paternina Young Wines go ScrewCap!

16 January 2012

Rioja wines have always been know as big and full bodied wines, especially their reservas and grand reservas, that by law require ageing in oak and bottle.  These characteristics have always proved very popular in the UK market especially amongst the traditional consumers.

Over the recent years the UK market has started to demand younger and lighter styles of Rioja with little or no oak and a more fruit driven palate. It is this style of wine that has become very popular in the UK on trade “by the glass” market. Consequently, when served in such a manner a screw cap bottle is much easier to serve, as well as retaining its freshness much better, and as a by product ensures that no cork tainting problems occur.

Aware of this trend from both the UK and export markets Paternina undertook the necessary steps by funding investigations to create the right wines, without losing their heritage. They wanted to supply a more modern style of young Rioja in a screw cap for the UK and for other export markets where the trend had started to emerge.

It’s a turning point for Rioja, not only in terms of the new style of wine, but also delivering a rejuvenated image thus attracting a much younger demographic who are able to consume these good value for money wines.

Ehrmanns are now able to deliver to the market these lighter young red, white and rose Rioja wines in screw cap.  Paternina has risen to the challenge by demonstrating that these modern styles still retain their traditional characteristics and image yet deliver all the freshness, body and great fruit character which the market demands.

Range Available in Screwcap:

Banda Dorada 2010 / 11

Banda Rosa 2010 / 11

Monte Haro Joven 2009 / 10

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