Visit us at the Big Fortified Tasting – Wednesday 2nd May 2012

08 February 2013

For the 3rd consecutive year the best of fortified wines will come together under a single roof in a unique trade tasting. The event will take place Glazier’s Hall, London (10am to 6pm), and we will be showcasing on 2 tables a very special selection of wines. A specialist who has been involved with Sherry and Spanish Wines since 1976, like any true specialist, Ehrmanns strives to supply the best at the different quality levels from basic entry level to true treasures.

From our well known Sherry producer Williams & Humbert Established 1877 – W+H Alegria Manzanilla, W+H Collection Fino, W+H Collection Amontillado 12yrs, W+H Collection Oloroso 12yrs, W+H Dos Cortados Rare Old Dry Palo Cortado 20yrs, W+H Jalifa Rare Old Dry Amontillado 30yrs, W+H Dry Sack Sweet Old Oloroso 15yrs and W+H Canasta Cream to odd parcels of really special Sherries which have been bottled specially for us, normally in minuscule quantities. The range selected will feature – Sacristia AB Manzanilla Saca Primavera 2011 (Selected by Antonio Barbadillo Mateo), Sacristia AB Manzanilla Saca Primavera 2012 (Selected by Antonio Barbadillo Mateo), Sanchez Romate Hnos Fino Perdido 1/15 Butts (Selected by Peter J Dauthieu),Cayetano del Pino & Cia Palo Cortado Viejisimo 1/5 Butts (Selected by Peter J Dauthieu), Salto Al Cielo Oloroso 1/5 Butts (Selected by Beltran Domecq Williams)and W+H As You Like It Sweet Old Oloroso 1/27 Butts (Williams & Humbert Treasure Selection). Obviously our fortified selection would not be complete without 2 Finest Sweet Moscatel from our Portuguese producer Bacalhoa – Bacalhoa Moscatel 2005 and Bacalhoa Moscatel Reserve 2000.

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