Wines of the Beautiful South: Visit La Casa del Rey & Altamana on Table 29

10 September 2014

Finca Monteflores

Argentinian Casa del Rey Fairtrade brand, Finca Monteflores, will unveil the newly released 2013 vintage Monteflores Estate Malbec, alongside their Estate Chardonnay and the awarded Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.


Ehrmanns is proud to present the Altamana Reserve Malbec 2013 and Grand Reserve Malbec 2013 for the first time in the UK. An enchanting combination of old Malbec vines in Chile’s esteemed Maule region and a boutique wine making approach by French pioneers. Didier Debono brings a wealth of experience from Chateau Clinet and La Vroix du Casse, Pomerol, to create truly sublime wines.

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