Ehrmanns Team Visit to Juvé y Camps

05 July 2017

Ehrmanns had an unforgettable trip visiting Juvé y Camps in the Penedès region. Juvé y Camps has been a family run company for three generations and has garnered an international reputation. However, despite their impressive scale, they have never compromised their attention to detail and quality. The company’s dedication to traditional values and lack of mechanisation, from the vineyard to the cellar is exemplary. We learned that everything is hand-picked and hand-riddled, and only free-run juice from the first pressing is used in the production of their Cavas. Moreover, the winery are now in the process of removing all unnatural pesticides and inorganic fertiliser in their efforts to become organically certified.

Not only traditionalists, Juvé y Camps are revolutionaries. In a nation of sweeter style Cava drinkers, brut nature was virtually unheard of. The Juvé family preferred their wine in the driest style, which has almost no dosage added and almost no residual sugar. This was served to guests at family dinners, some of whom suggested it be introduced to the market. Luckily it was and Reserva de la Familia Brut Nature is now one of their most celebrated Cavas, it is notably enjoyed by the Spanish Royal Family.

We sampled a range of traditional Cavas, which are blends of Xarel.lo, Macabeo and Parellada. Cinta Purpura Brut Reserva is aged for 24 months in bottle, with fleshy fruit and floral aromas, the wine has a lovely creaminess and balanced acidity. Reserva de la Familia Gran Reserva is Juvé y Camps’ most well-known Cava, it’s aged for 36 months in bottle on its lees and has a nose of ripe citrus fruits and peach. The Grand Juve Gran Reserva, is aged for 42 months in bottle. It has delicate white stone fruit aromas, with fleshy tropical fruits and white flowers, complemented by toasty, honeyed notes.

As well as their traditional Cavas, Juvé y Camps use classic grape varietals in non-conventional ways. Since 2012 they have been producing Essential Xarel.lo, using 100% Xarel.lo grapes. The result is a Cava that is creamy and fresh on the palate, showing an elegant complexity of flavours of ripe pear, aniseed and fresh herbs.

The Blanc de Noirs is made using 100% Pinot Noir grapes and then aged on its lees for 25 months. It has a fine, elegant mouse on the palate, with cherries, honeyed toast and citrus. Finally, the Milésime Blanc de Blancs is made using 100% Chardonnay grapes. This Cava is exuberant on the palate, evoking a crisp acidity with fruity notes of peach and melon.

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