New exciting addition to our portfolio - Finca Monteflores - Premium Fairtrade wine from Argentina

02 September 2011

Ehrmanns is very proud to announce its appointment as UK agent for Argentinian Fairtrade certified brand Finca Monteflores.  The range created by winery Casa Del Rey – which produces and markets iconic brand Alta Vista –  will be launched at the Wines of Argentina tasting in London and fully available in the UK from October 2011. Finca Monteflores will be exclusive to independent retailers whilst a sister brand is currently being developed for the Multiples and Impulse sectors.

 Owned by the D’Aulan family, La Casa Del Rey winery was established in 1899 in Chacras de Coria, South of Mendoza city, with 220 hectares of vineyards and a production capacity over 2 millions bottles a year. The winery hosts state of the art equipment to produce premium wines and is fully integrated from vineyard to bottling

The new – Fairtrade certified – Finca Monteflores range includes a chardonnay and a malbec, with a suggested retail of £8.99 each. The grapes have been exclusively sourced from the winery’s vineyards situated both in the Lujan de Cuyo and Valle de Uco premium area.

Flores del Monte Association ( “Flower of the Mountain” ) is a partnership between La Casa del Rey winery and the community of its workers. The Association’s elected board is composed of a representative from each vineyard as well as two members of the winery.  The vineyard and the winery operations were Fairtrade certified in 2011. This community is made up of 58 families, 240 people in total who will benefit from the Fairtrade funds and program drawn by the board.

 The winery is also careful about its impact on the environment from the vineyards to the winemaking and final bottling. Located at an altitude of over 3.000 feet above sea level within a dry climate, the vineyards are not susceptible to fungus and micro-organisms. No pesticides are used. Sulphur and copper, both natural substances, aare sprayed on the vineyards two to three times a year to control pests and bacteria, to ensure healthy conditions of the grapes.

The winery has an individual recycling program for : cardboard, paper, pallets, glass, plastics, complex caps and batteries. Monteflores wines are bottled in lighter, partly recycled bottles and recycled cardboard is used for the outer boxes.

The used waters of the winery are treated at 100% by OSM and re-used for agricultural irrigation.

The residue of grapes is re-used as fertilizer into the vineyards.

 This is a fantastic addition to the Ehrmanns’ portfolio and a great example of good wine made ethically, we are hoping this will help lifting up the perception about Fairtrade wine and also be of great use to the  Flores Del Monte Association.

Philippe Meurant – the brand representative for the UK market – will be taking part in the Fairtrade debate organised by Harpers during the Wines of Argentina tasting – 3 pm on the 14th of September 2011 – Lords Cricket Ground – London

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