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Ehrmanns' almacenista sherries enter the Wine Advocate Hall of Fame!

02 May 2016

Our rare Viniberia sherries, hand-selected by Peter Dauthieu Jr from the finest almacenistas of Jerez, have been awarded top scores by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

Expert Luiz Guitérrez scores and describes the wines as follows:

Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Viejísimo 1/5 (95 Points)

“ extremely old, powerful and concentrated NV Palo Cortado Viejísimo 1/5 (viejísimo means very old), drawn from five butts (casks) of over 40-year-old Palo Cortado, and is only bottled every two years. The nose is very complex and ever-changing: marmalade, rusty nails, toasted hazel nuts, sea breeze, varnish (with a volatile whiff of glue), old noble wood (ebony?) and antique shop. It has the intensity, power, elegance and purity of the extremely old wines. Terrific! I had to swallow this one, even though I was tasting quite early in the morning. Amazing value too!”

Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado Solera (93 Points)

NV Cayetano del Pino Cortado Solera is bottled once per year and drawn from a solera that is around 20 years old; it is a textbook traditional Palo Cortado, with some creamy notes combined with the hazelnuts, candied orange peel, varnish and bitter marmalade. It’s very intense, but at the same time quite drinkable, with intense, pungent flavours and a long, tasty almost salty finish.”

Sánchez Romate Amontillado Olvidado 1/5 (93 Points)

"The NV Amontillado Olvidado 1/5 comes from a selection of 5 butts (casks) of a forgotten amontillado (olvidado means forgotten) that were left for years in the Sánchez Romate cellars, until selected and bottled by Peter Dauthieu. The nose is a telltale amontillado, very intense and pungent with some flavours of tobacco leaves and roasted hazelnuts intermixed with marine, saline sensations."

Sánchez Romate Fino Perdido (92 Points)

“I had the chance to retaste a bottle of NV Fino Perdido 1/15, a wine that I had tasted almost three years ago and found a little too oaky for my taste; I was happy to see a much more balanced nose here and especially less (or no) oak. This is said to be some six years old. The palate is quite tender, with strong sensations of flor.”

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