Juve y Camps

Juvé y Camps has been a family run company for three generations and has garnered an international reputation. Over two hundred years ago, Joan Juvé Mir, a bold and enterprising vine grower with ideas way ahead of his time, laid the foundations of what would become the family business.  

Today, production of the Juye y Camp Cavas is completely centred on ultra-premium “Reserva” and “Gran Reserva” only. The high altitude vineyards are situated in some of the best areas of Penedes and care is taken at every level of production: the grapes are harvested by hand and collected in small boxes; these grapes are carefully pressed with only the soft pressings going to make the final cava; each varietal is fermented separately and prior to bottling a blend is made to ensure that the quality never varies.

Once the individual wine has been blended it is bottled, the secondary fermentation takes place to give cava its unique bubbles. Just ahead of dispatch every bottle is turned (riddled) by hand for between three and four weeks to remove natural sediments, it is topped up and finally corked. Every bottle is hand labelled with a unique numbered label.

A favourite of the Spanish Royals, Juve y Camps really is a superb example of Cava.

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