Stellar Organics

Stellar Winery is a unique South African organic wine producer, constantly pushing the boundaries of both wine production and social initiatives, a passion which has seen them become one of the leading ethical brands in the UK.

Founded in 2000 by the Rossouw brothers when they set up a joint venture with local farmers, today 26% of the company’s shares are owned by its workers and no less than 13 farms have joined the scheme. Four principles remain at the heart of everything they do: quality, respect for the environment, strong social ethics and innovation.

The vineyards are patrolled in the most organic way by Indian Runner ducks to ensure no pests harm the vines, which means there is no use of pesticides or harmful chemicals in the vineyards. A clear leader in terms of innovation, Stellar Winery has become the world’s leading producer of no-added-sulphur wines, the purest expression of organic winemaking.

Stellar Organics is also committed to improving the life of its workers and their community – through the provision of good working conditions, and ensuring workers are able to empower themselves through evening courses and other schemes. The winery is now Fair for Life certified ( and is working towards improved social goals, whilst maintaining its commitment to the production of quality wines at outstanding value.

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